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To match the economic development strategy of the government, to enhance the development of the CM and testing industry, and to provide better support to the testing services for both local and overseas CM products, the School of Chinese Medicine of the Hong Kong Baptist University has established Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Authentication Centre (HKCMAC). The objectives of HKCMAC are to:

  • Develop a widely recognized quality certification scheme in Chinese Medicine industry, so as to promote high quality Chinese Medicine (CM) and Proprietary Chinese Medicine (PCM) products.
  • Foster the CM industry to focus on the safety and ingredient of CM & PCM products, enhancing consumer confidence and its role in public health.
  • Promote Hong Kong as the world CM and PCM product testing centre, providing high quality testing service to Hong Kong and overseas users.

    Organisation & Structure

    Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Authentication Centre (HKCMAC) is led and supported by the management committee of HKCMAC formed under the School of Chinese Medicine of the Hong Kong Baptist University. It is operated by the Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine (IACM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKBU. IACM will be responsible for client liaison and business development of HKCMAC. HKCMAC provides testing services of 5 major areas, and each area is supported by scholars of that specific stream. The 5 major service scopes are as follows:

    1. Pharmacognosy authentication (macroscopic and microscopic identification)
    2. Chemical identification and quality control
    3. Pharmacology and toxicology
    4. Preparation process
    5. Physicochemical and safety tests

    Our Laboratories

    Supporting laboratories include:

    1. Laboratory of IACM Ltd.
    2. Microbiology Testing Laboratory of the School
    3. Microscopic Authentication Laboratory of the School

    Supporting equipment includes:

    1. Various sets of high resolution, high mass accuracy and high sensitivity liquid chromatograph with mass spectrometer (LC/MS) for qualitative, quantitative and fingerprint analysis.
    2. Different automatic thin layer chromatograph system, liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph (TLC, HPLC, GC) for qualitative, quantitative and fingerprint analysis.
    3. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) for heavy metals analysis.
    4. Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer for pesticide residues analysis.


    A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicine Authentication Scheme

    Wide variance in product quality has led to public concern towards the safety and efficacy of Chinese medicine products in the market. IACM Ltd. established the "A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicines Authentication Scheme", so as to assure the quality of awarded CM product and to benefit public health.

    "A-Mark Quality Chinese Medicines Authentication Scheme" endorsed by Hong Kong Chinese Medicines Authentication Centre aims to promote Chinese products that:

    • Pass authentication including microscopic identification of herbs;
    • Pass safety tests on heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbiological contents; and
    • Comply with chemical marker requirements as stipulated in the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China 2005.

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    Our address:
    7/F, Biotech Centre 1
    No. 9 Science Park West Avenue
    Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong.

    Telephone: (852) 3468 8888

    Email: iacm@hkbu.edu.hk